Our integrated control systems include the following features:

Products and installations


SCADA system


We can install a computer that is connected to the PLC that will be able to log any data that the that you would like. The computer can be used to control the factory remotely and
call up historical data from the previous season.


Cool storage control


We can install all the necessary controls for proper cool storage of macadamia nuts. This includes the control of the aircons, fan heater and humidifier. It also includes the necessary data such as pipe temperatures, room temperature and room humidity.


PLC for generator control and monitoring


We can install a PLC in the generator panel that lets us know when the generator is running. The benefits of having this is that we can program the factory to use less power when the generator is running meaning a smaller generator can be bought reducing overall costs.


Air curtains in cool stores


We can make provision for air curtains to be installed at the cool store door which keeps the cool room semi isolated when the door is open meaning less warm air enters the room and less cool air escapes.


Door limit switches


We can install door limit switches on all the important doors which can be linked up to lights, GSM commander and the PLC. If the cool store door stays open for too long, a warning SMS can be sent to the manager. We can also link the door sensor to the air curtains so that they turn on as soon as the door opens.

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