Power quality


We do power quality logging, as well as power factor correction. The benefits of logging the power usage are that you know exactly how much power you have used over a week, month, or season.




We offer custom automation solutions to industry problems. We increase production by removing the human element, eliminating guess work and constant monitoring. If you would like to prototype a machine or run a process under complete control to eliminate human error, we can offer solutions using our industry knowledge to provide a solution for your budget.




We are a team of enthusiastic, young minds that look for ways to save you money through optimising programs.We specialise in programming factories so that they use only the required power and not a drop more. Our SCADA designs are up to date and designed in such a manner that users don’t need to stand around for hours monitoring processes. A quick glance is all you need on a Systeco SCADA.




Systeco is a Phoenix Contact system integrator and a preferred seller of Unitronics PLC’s. Our team of dedicated panel builders can build panels for projects ranging from one motor to 100 motors. We pride ourselves in building panels of the highest quality and include features such as the panel book of life where the drawings are stores, user manuals are stores and software for PLC’s can be found. Each of our panels has a custom QR code that links to it’s webpage with all of its documents if they have been lost.




We specialise in macadamia factories and can provide you with consulting services to improve profit, throughput and quality. We work hand in hand with Dorran Bungay to provide the most comprehensive consultations in the industry.




We offer maintenance services on all electrical equipment but we specialise in PLC and automation breakdowns and general maintenance.




Our team of enthusiastic installers have done the installation and refurbishment of South Africa’s largest macadamia factory. We have the know-how and experience necessary to tackle any task.

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