We specialise in designing, automating and optimising factories

We design, manufacture and comission

All fabrication products are designed in house, checked by engineers and manufactured using CNC technology so that repeatability and efficiency can be achieved.

Systeco has invested in capacity so that the penultimate projected goal for the future will materialise a factory within 2 weeks.

Currently the model is operating at a 2 month goal. Once a client commits to a Systeco design and places their business’s trust in the hands of the Systeco partners, they will strive to produce a functional factory on site in 2 weeks.

Renderings of past projects

You no longer need to involve multiple contractors to get a state of the art factory installed.

Systeco provides bespoke designs, tailored to your company’s specifications – delivered at a high standard. They strive to operate at a capacity that can supply multiple clients in an industry which is often
hindered by long waiting lists and delayed project completion times.

Systeco prides itself on innovation. Competitors tend to build one dimensional models at a good standard but without adapting or optimising to industry demands. Systeco pushes the envelope through innovation, constantly improving minor details to fine tune and advance equipment and manufacturing processes.

Systeco consistently applies its professional ambition to optimise each project’s scales of economy and longevity.

Systeco prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation and deviates from one-dimensional business approaches which stagnate competitors.

The fabrication department boasts the following services


Conveyor belts


Curing equipment

Heating and cooling for macadamia drying and storage systems




Bag filling stations


Water baths

Sorting tables